Project Finance

Our Project Finance Group counsels international, regional and national clients in the development, privatization, project financing and acquisition of a variety of infrastructure facilities. Combining transactional experience and regional knowledge with RMDT’S international resources in such practice groups as taxation, international trade & law, corporate & securities and privatizations, our attorneys have worked with consortiums from the United States, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East to secure, finance and develop numerous regional projects.

Our clients have benefited from the abilities of our attorneys to successfully manage and negotiate complex transactions in such industries as: oil & gas; petrochemicals; telecommunications; radio and cable television; manufacturing; electricity; financial services; agriculture; real Estate; transportation.

Our attorneys are experienced practitioners in finance, equity investing, secured lending, securities offerings and capital markets, and are further tailored to the respective client’s industry such as developers, investment banks, commercial banks, multilateral lending institutions and construction firms.

Our attorneys assist the client in every phase of the transaction, including the preparation and negotiation of contracts for power purchases, developing commercial contracts and other arrangements, site acquisitions, construction, operation and maintenance, raw materials, transportation, power transmission, structuring joint-ventures or other appropriate vehicles, securing requisite approvals and handling any disputes or dealings that may arise from specialized legal areas.

RMDT is very active in the field of project financing and in the past years has assisted very important international groups of companies in obtaining complex financing from several groups of banks. The projects were most often combined with multi-jurisdictional reorganizations of the structures of the respective groups and with setting up guarantees for securing such financing.