Firm overview

Rubin, Meyer, Doru & Trandafir is one of the top law firms in Romania, offering professional legal support for the past 15 years. RMDT is part of Herzfeld & Rubin P.C., an internationally-known law firm headquartered in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District, having affiliated offices also in New Jersey, Long Island and Israel.

Always connected with the changing market, the firm provides highly professional legal services including Litigation & Arbitration, Corporate & Commercial, Real Estate, Restitution, Mergers, Acquisitions & Privatization, Public Procurement & PPP, Criminal Law, Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Competition, Energy, Media & Telecom, Intellectual Property, Insurance and Employment.

Leading international companies from the United States, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East worked with RMDT as their professional legal advisers. RMDT has also acted as legal advisor in some of the major privatizations in the banking, oil and gas and telecommunication industries in Romania.

RMDT has become a Romanian brand in the field of real-estate restitution, leading the top of awards and in-kind restitution granted by the Romanian State to individuals.

RMDT also operates as regional counsel in the Balkans for several of its multinational clients who base their regional operations in Bucharest. This includes advice regarding Albanian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Moldovan legal issues.

We always start our work with a deep understanding of our clients’ objectives, in order for us to be able to offer the most suitable legal support. Our goal is to build strong partnerships with our clients and to provide pragmatic and tailored solutions to enhance their success.

At RMDT, clients are partners.

We pride ourselves to have been successfully contributed to the in-kind restitution of properties belonging to the Malaxa and Ausnit families. Moreover, RMDT has successfully assisted and represented the Habsburg family in the restitution process of Bran Castle.

Our partners currently are the administrators of Bran Castle, coordinating the entire activity related to this unique landmark since its restitution, in 2006.

Our values

  • Client service
  • Pragmatic and tailored solutions
  • Adaptable and approachable team
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Legal excellence

Our experience

RMTD’s extensive experience covers some of the major transactions and projects in Romania, operated by well-known multinational, local and state companies, in various business fields like: banking, telecommunications, oil and gas, metal and steel, chemical and petro-chemical, automotive parts manufacturing, tires and industrial cables production, insurance, retail, real estate, property restitution, domestic and cross-borders mergers and acquisitions, renewable energy , aeronautical industry, state-aids, copyrights, franchising and advertising, information technology, etc.

The firm has also advised the Government of Romania in regard to the creation of historic urban district legislation and urban business improvement legislation in connection with the renovation of the nation’s historic urban districts.

We ensure the specific professional services by licensed insolvency practitioners as members of the Romanian Insolvency Practitioners Association (UNPIR).

According to the Emergency Government Ordinance No. 86/2006 regarding the organization of the activity of the insolvency practitioners, the insolvency practitioners are the only ones able to achieve the management and procedural tasks required by the Romanian law concerning the companies under insolvency.