Media & Telecom

The Media & Telecom Group advices and counsels various licensees, investors and customers in the areas of telecommunications services and equipment, cellular, GSM and other mobile telecommunications services, as well as prominent media services in the areas of television and radio broadcasting, cable television systems and print media.

The Group offers unique expertise in traversing the intricacies of regional regulatory schemes to obtain the requisite licenses and other governmental authorizations in order to facilitate the client’s smooth involvement, or transition, into the communications business.

In addition to the general representation of communications clients before the relevant authorities, RMDT’s communications attorneys work on a wide range of international, regional, national and municipal issues. Such attorneys further analyze regulatory policy-making issues, develop appropriate strategic positions for clients and present them in licensing proceedings before various government agencies. Working closely with RMDT corporate and antitrust attorneys, the Media & Telecom Group further handles the regulatory issues that arise from transactions involving communications companies.