Over the years, RMDT has handled complex restitution matters and gained high recognition on the Romanian and international markets as one of the most successful law firms in restitution issues. Our legal assistance covered complex analysis of the restitution laws in force, covering in-depth interpretation of applicable legislation effective during communism, during the inter-war period, and in the ‘90s, and also solving very difficult ownership right issues.

The coordination of a restitution process required a high degree of complexity, since it entailed the application of restitution principles throughout the entire process of restitution, since the submission of the initial request and up to the actual restitution itself.

Among the central figures of our clients, there are names having a historical significance for the Romanian industry, like successors of Max Ausnit and Nicolae Malaxa, as well as the Habsburg family. In time, our client portfolio in the restitution field has largely increased, covering various clients for whom we have achieved positive outcomes, having obtained restitution in-kind or by equivalent for immovable evaluated at tens of millions of euros. The Romanian-Jewish Community Confederation is also a significant client of RMDT in restitution matters.

Our success in restitution files has triggered a high number of files, properly supervised and conducted towards a positive outcome by a team of lawyers characterized by a high level of professionalism. Our lawyers have always been able to cover both the elaboration of documents required by the administrative and judicial authorities, and also the representation, at any stage, before such authorities.

RMDT’s attorneys have always searched for innovative legal solutions. When facing normative acts considered as non-compliant with the Romanian legal system, RMDT undertook all necessary legal means in order to remedy the legislative dysfunction. For instance, RMDT successfully challenged in court a Government Decision which was applicable to tens of thousands of persons. RMDT achieved not only the cancellation of the Government Decision, but also the obtaining of compensations from the Romanian Government.

RMDT has also expressed its view, at different moments in time, and before various commissions of the Romanian Parliament, with regard to proposed amendments envisaged to be brought to the restitution legislation.

Please find herein bellow only a few of our firm’s projects in the restitution field:

  • RMDT assisted the Archduke Dominic de Habsburg Lothringen, heirs of Princess Ileana of Romania, members of the Romanian royal family, in the restitution of the Bran Castle, worldwide known as the “Dracula Castle”, as well as other properties belonging to the royal family;
  • RMDT assisted the heirs of Max Ausnit and Nicolae Malaxa, the biggest industrialists of the Romanian era before communism, in the restitution by equivalent of the shares held in various companies, amounting to hundreds of millions of euros;
  • RMDT assisted the heirs of Max Ausnit in the in-kind restitution file having as object the immovable located in Bucharest, Aleea Alexandru nr. 1 (former Embassy of Argentina). The immovable was afterwards sold to one of the Romanian millionaires mentioned in the Top10 of the “Capital” magazine;
  • RMDT assisted and represented various clients for the restitution of immovable located in Bucharest and in other localities of Romania, among which we mention:

-The immovable located in Bucharest, Calea Victoriei 33 – 35, immovable hosting the “Constantin Tanase” Theatre, known as the Frascati Palace;
-The immovable located in Bucharest, str. Brezoianu 23 – 25, where the editorial team and typography of the “Universul” inter-war newspaper used to function, known as the “Universul Palace”;
-The historical building located in Bucharest, str. Matei Basarab 79, immovable hosting the Registry Court of 3rd District
-Farms and former family country residences, located in different Romanian towns and cities, including both the old domains, as well as hundreds of agricultural land and forest.