RMDT’s Litigation department successfully assisted Caritatea Foundation before of the Romanian Courts in a contractual dispute with the Administration of Hospitals and Medical Services Bucharest (the `ASSMB`). The trial set off in 2011 and, after two reconsiderations, the Bucharest Court of Appeal handed down, on 29 October 2021, its final and binding decision, awarding Caritatea Foundation as much as 400,000€ in damages.

Caritatea Foundation is an institution established by the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania and the World Jewish Restitution Organization with the main purpose to contribute to the conservation, maintenance and administration of the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Jewish people in Romania. Since its conception, the Foundation has actively militated for the improvement of the living conditions of the socially disadvantaged, ill and elderly Jews living in Romania and also for the implementation of concrete educational programs for Jewish children.